Two questions that occur to most of us when we hear about the whole David Petraeus scandal. The first is: Those two chicks slept with that guy? The second is: Why is this a big deal? It's Washington! The whole thing sounds like NCIS meets the Real Housewives. So, in keeping with this skin-deep scandal, here's a poll -- of Petraeus' potential side-squeezes, Who's hotter?!

On the left in pink, it's Jill Kelley, who may have had inappropriate contact with not only Petraeus, but also Marine Gen. John Allen, and maybe even an FBI investigator who sent her pictures of his bare chest. It all started when Petraeus' acknowledged mistress, his biographer, Paula Broadwell (right, in her Army togs), sent Kelley threatening emails. Kelley then called the authorities and started the dominos falling.

Broadwell's not in the hottest outfit, but you can tell there's a body under there to go with the face. We can't show you all the pics, but Google her name if you want some variety and you'll see what we mean. Kelley's bod is obviously not constrained by a uniform...and we're not sure it could be!

Either way, the winner is...General David Petraeus! At least, until he was forced to resign in disgrace.

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