The Wyldz rocked the 2015 KLAQ Balloonfest and came back last week to rock us again.

The Wyldz are originally from Paris, France, but they now call Austin, Texas, home. All over the world, everyone knows Texas ROX!  They were headed to Phoenix to kick off their North American tour and stopped by The Q to hang out for a while.

They had lunch with winners, played for them and had a little fun between songs. Rather than just sitting there answering questions, they asked a few, and rewarded correct answers with Wyldz T-shirts and CD's. Thanks to them, I can drop F-bombs in French now so, it was also an educational experience! Check out more of their music on ReverbNation.

Their tour wraps up in early October and their plan, for now, is to play the last show right here in El Paso. Visit their website, and keep listening to KLAQ, for updates and info.