Kanye West’s Head Vs Street Sign: Who Ya Got? [Video]
Kanye West made a complete fool of himself on Friday, when he was out walking with Kim Kardashian.  He was walking with his head down, to keep from giving the paparazzi any good shots.  And he walked headfirst into a metal sign and gashed his forehead.
A Few Dents in Charlie Sheen’s Grill has two interesting items for you regarding Charlie Sheen. Word is, if you use drugs, especially to excess, it really messes up your teefusses.'s proof follows, plus you can click on the pic for a link to some phone video taken at the start of Charlie's drug-fueled 36-hour …
Motley Crue in Trouble. What Else is New?
According to TMZ, Ron Toma (who owns the copyright to the belt buckle photo used on "Too Fast For Love") is suing Motley Crue and Live Nation.  The band is selling hoodies with the artwork on them on their website, and he claims, "they can't do that"!