The New iPhone Gives Us Slow Motion Chi Chis!
Ever since the new iPhone was released on Friday, people have been split down the middle on the new IOS 7 operating system. But the one thing that everybody seems to love is the new slow motion function on the camera.
Is UTEP vs. UTSA the Next Battle of I-10?
Rivalries are a wonderful thing, but it takes two of something to make one; whether you're talking Leonard-Duran, Apple-Google or Army-Navy.
UTEP-New Mexico State?'s an old football rivalry. So old it might need a 9-1-1 call soon; which says one thing if the call goes to the police, but som…
Hilarious Dinosaur Prank Scares Japanese Man
Buzz likes to play pranks all the time.  Today for example he played a prank on Lisa by putting a fake snake on chair before the show started. Of course it scared the you know what out of her, but check out this video in which a Japanese man is scared to death when somebody pranks him by having…
Now This Is A Great Warm Up Dance! [Video]
I have never heard of pro surfer Anastasia Ashley but I know who she is now thanks to this awesome video of her doing her warm up routine before she has to compete. And if you asking yourself "What makes it great?" Well how bout if I tell you that part of her routine is to twerk.

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