Keith Olbermann may be many things, most of which we can't repeat here, but he is pretty good at ripping people, things and, in this case, countries. Back at ESPN these days, Olbermann delivered an epic rant on Costa Rica's cheap shots directed toward US Soccer, capped by one of the best closing lines I've heard in a long time!

Seems like the entire nation of Costa Rica has been in on the diss of US Soccer ahead of the countries' Friday night World Cup qualifying match in San Jose -- cabs have promised to slow the US team bus, the nation made American soccer players go with everyone else through customs so Costa Ricans could boo them and chant insults.

But Olbermann may well have already delivered the best shot of the game, on or off the field. The dry wit and sarcasm are still pretty sharp, so if a good rant is your thing, sit back, relax and enjoy. If you're not ready or able to watch it all the way through, just check the final two or three minutes, though you'll miss Ticos fans egging the team bus.

The United States and Costa Rica game can be seen on BeIN Sport ahead of Tuesday night's qualifier against Mexico in Columbus, OH, which will be somewhere on the ESPN Family of Networks.