Taiwanese Animation: Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger! [Video]
If you haven't heard, former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news again with yet another sexting scandal, this time with a 22-year-old woman after he resigned from Congress in June 2011.
The funny thing is that Weiner used the handle name "Carlos Danger"…
Kobayashi Chugs A Gallon Of Milk In 20 Seconds [Video]
A couple of years ago, we made Duke take the 1 gallon milk challenge.  The challenge is to drink a gallon of milk and keep it in you for an hour.  When Duke did the challenge it took him like 30 minutes to drink the gallon of milk.
Well in this video, competitive eater Kobayashi drinks a ga…
Do Lisa and Fernie Look Alike? Hmmm…[VIDEO]
A NECK Line caller got us thinking when he said for awhile he thought Lisa was Fernie in drag. Hmmm...Fernie and Lisa have both said people think they're related when they're together in public, and Fernie has been in drag to represent KLAQ before. What do you think?

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