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[Video] Donald Trump’s Diet Tip
Donald Trump had dinner with Sarah Palin the other night at a New York pizza joint.  The Donald used a fork and knife to eat his slice.  A plastic fork and knife!!!!  What's the reason the Donald eats pizza with a fork and knife?  Is he afraid to touch pizza that h…
Talking Dogs!
My dog Buster gets jealous when I pay too much attention to my other dog Spotty.  I can get Buster to say mama when he's having his fit!  Here are some dogs who talk, and I can only wonder how their owners got them to do it.
[VIDEO] Horse Herpes Has Rodeo Queens Picking Up a New Hobby
There's an outbreak of equine herpes going around the U.S. right now. People can’t get it, but it can be deadly for horses. So, instead of canceling a children’s rodeo event in Utah last Thursday, the organizers came up with the worst idea ever: They had girls compete by riding HO…
[Video] The Hang Over Cure
It's Memorial Day Weekend, so there's bound to be a lot of imbibing in adult beverages.   The Hangover 2 opens this weekend as well.  With that in mind, here is a video that could help you the morning after.
[VIDEO] Oklahoma Tornado Rips Apart Semi!
Tired of those nasty, dusty El Paso winds? We'll take that over what we're about to show you from Oklahoma City's KOCO-TV. A series of nasty twisters have hit the heart of America's "Tornado Alley", including one the KOCO helicopter caught demolishing …
[Video] Kim Kardashian’s Rock
Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries have gotten engaged after dating for a few months.  He must be crazy about her because she's wearing a 2 million dollar engagement ring!  This video describes the ring.  Think of all the good that could come out of the money that was spent …

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