If you have recently been listening to the KLAQ Morning Show, you probably have heard Buzz go on about how much he loves the HBO series, True Detective. The first season of this series has come to end and the lead characters played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, will not return. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel has an idea of who should be in season 2.

I only saw a few scenes to the actual True Detective series but I regret not watching it from the beginning. That's what Netflix is for right?

Anyway, I know I would be glued to my television if this bromance actually got a tv series. Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel teamed up to spoof the series and probably propose this as their audition for season two.

Kimmel is hosting his show from South By Southwest, a major music, film and interactive festival happening in Austin, Texas this week, so maybe he can meet up with the morning show. Buzz might be able to get in on the next season of True Detective or tased for getting to close to Kimmel.

Watch this bromance blossom between these two fake detectives. It's almost as cute as Buzz and Mark's relationship.