Anyone who has lived in El Paso for any length of time knows how the city has grown over the last 30 years. Google and Time Magazine show us, at least physically, just how much with an incredible time-lapse of satellite pictures taken of El Paso and Cd. Juárez from 1984 to last year.

Click on the link below or the picture above, then click on "Explore The World" at bottom right to type in "El Paso, TX". Then, if you really want to see something disturbing, scroll north to watch the Elephant Butte and Caballo reservoirs dry up.

You can actually pick any spot in the world and watch the changes over 28 years. There is more than one disturbing image, here, though. In addition to growing cities, you'll see glaciers and rain forests and lakes disappear.

Makes you wonder if we ought to adopt global zoning laws.