This one needs to be sent in to the Zombie Apocalypse Map. El Paso may have a hit. Nobody's face got chewed off, but there was a man on a SunMetro bus who was arrested after allegedly assaulting a fellow bus passenger...with his mouth!

Is the zombie apocalypse near? The bus biting was only the latest in the recent string of attacks that are being described as zombie-like, with the most infamous being the attack in Miami in which Rudy Eugene was fatally shot by police after chewing off the face of a homeless man.

In Maryland, a 21-year-old admitted to dismembering and eating the heart and brains of his roommate and in Canada, a porn actor is accused of killing a man with an ice pick and then eating his flesh.

Has the zombie madness spread to El Paso? Are zombies now riding our public transit?

KVIA reported that 21-year-old Fernando Ureta turned physical on the driver of a Sun Metro bus on Friday and while the driver pulled over, he turned on fellow passengers, biting one in the chest and leg. He wasn't going for the brains, so I'd hold off on putting your apocalypse plans into motion just yet.

But if you DO want to start preparing for end times, check out Johnnie Walker's Zombie Apocalypse playlist and list of favorite zombie movies!

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