There are some people who should consider themselves lucky for seeing Flyleaf with the OG vocals of Lacey Sturm. If you attended KLAQ's BalloonFest in 2007 or any other Flyleaf concert while Lacey Sturm was still a part of the band, consider yourself lucky.

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Now don't take this wrong, this isn't bad talk toward the leading lady Kristen May who took her place. But Lacey Sturm sure sold the show with her solid vocals that had you feeling each lyric.

But hey, we can't blame her for putting a stop to her music career due to some life-changing events. If you aren't really clear as to why Lacey Sturm left Flyleaf you can read all about it by clicking here.

KLAQ BalloonFest in 2007 was an insane show since Flyleaf sure brought the magic. Tons of Flyleaf fans in El Paso got down at that show as you may see in Dresdinedolls888 and Phoenixx1982's YouTube videos, below.

Then the following year, Flyleaf, Seether, and Revelation Theory performed at the Pan American Center on April 23, 2008. So if you caught any past Flyleaf shows before October 2012 you got the real deal, my friend.

But do you ever wonder if Flyleaf were to do some sort of reunion tour with Lacey Sturm? I sure would like to see Flyleaf again if the chance ever came about in the future.

The Texas native band Flyleaf has most certainly excited the El Paso crowd every time they visited. But I sure as hell had a blast at KLAQ's BalloonFest in 2007 and wish I could have had more times.

The last time I remember Flyleaf performing in El Paso was for Rock the Fort in 2013. That was the time Kristen May was already in Lacey Sturm's place. You can check out a couple of Victorforu's YouTube videos by scrolling below.

It was pretty gnarly to see Lacey Sturm back on stage and reunited with Seether again after so long. You can see the amazing performance for yourself by clicking here.

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