If you're on social security and someone else manages your finances, you may lose your 2nd amendment right.

The POTUS is considering a new gun control law. This one focuses on social security recipients whose family members, friends or, I guess even accountants, manage their money. I guess if you can't handle your money, you can't handle a firearm. 

What if you're not good at math so your spouse handles the checkbook? Maybe you don't understand the stock market so an accountant takes care of stuff for you? If an older person is suffering from dementia or something, I can see disarming them for safety reasons. Outside of that, why should anyone's right be taken away over someone else's opinion? Some people are lousy drivers but, they don't lose their license. Some people are overweight but, they don't get banned from Chicos Tacos.

I think this is ridiculous, how about you?