Who knew your driver's license can come to the rescue when you're in need on the road. We know emergencies happen out of nowhere and is a scary thing sometimes. Normally when something does happen we tend to resort to calling a relative or a friend for help. If they can't come to your rescue, not to worry! This is where your driver's license comes handy.

If it weren't for a friend sharing a post on Facebook I would have never known about this helpful tip. If you turn your driver's license around you will find the Texas roadside assistance number. It will be under allergic reactions to drugs on the far right side. Sometimes the lettering behind your license can get damaged as you can tell on mine above. If the Texas roadside assistance number is not legible that number is 1-800-525-5555. So the next time you're in a rut on the side of the road, do not hesitate to call that number for help!

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