Before you go out and get blasted on a work night, please, think of your country.

Hangovers, those not-so-gentle reminders that alcohol is poison, suck. After a night out, most people down a few aspirins and check to see how many stupid texts, Facebook posts and Instagrams they sent and move on. Here in the Borderland, that aspirin goes down with a weird, kinda disgusting, beer and tomato juice combo.

Yeah, you're not feeling so hot, but off to work you go and that's when you start f***ing up the economy. According to, (seems we're too hung over to do our own studies), your sluggish, mentally-fogged, bleary-eyed attempt at work costs around $249 billion (with a "B"). Mostly in lost productivity but, there are health costs in there also and Uncle Sam picks up about 40% of that!

So, if the Chicos Tacos and the michelada don't straighten you out, tell the boss you have the flu and stay home!