Admit it.  The lure of beads, booze and boobs got to you yesterday and you went out on a school night. Didn't you?

Now today, you're sitting at work or in class with a pounding head, blurry vision and a headache that would probably kill a lesser man. (Or woman)  Cheer up though, Dubba G can make it all better.  I really don't get hangovers (it's true and yes, most of my friends go a little "hater" on me over it.) but on those rare occasions that I do, I have a cure.

Slurpees.  Not icees, slushes, shakes, malts, etc ... 7/11 slurpees.  Any flavor will do I guess but coke and cherry seem to work best.  Clear 'ya up in no time!!

hangover remedies
Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

If slurpees aren't your thing (or if you cant find a properly functioning slurpee machine which can be tough sometimes.) here are a few other hangover remedies for you to try.

  • Red Beer. (Or "Clamato") An El Paso staple!  Beer, tomato juice, tobasco, a little (or LOT) of lime and various spices of your choice. The spicier the better, sort of a "bloody mary" but with beer!  For a variety of red beer-ness, try Dayvasos on N. Mesa.
  • Menudo. Another biggie here along the border.  I never really got this one, but a lot of my bros swear by it.  (Good luck, that stuff is nasty.)
  • A Rosco burger. The greasier and heavier the better, throw some green chili on there to!
  • Chicos Tacos. These only work if you eat them at 3 or 4 in the morning on your way home.  Not really sure why.  Any other time, no hangover benefits.  They're just lunch.

Got any others?  Post 'em on The Q facebook page and keep this blog handy!  Spring break and Cinco De Mayo are coming up quick.

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