If you enjoy kicking back on a Friday night while freaking yourself out with a good fright night flick, this movie is perfect! This movie is so creepy I had a hard time sleeping in the dark for a few days.

The only thing some people don't really like is watching a movie they don't understand what's being said. This movie, The Orphanage is in Spanish but luckily for you (if you don't understand the language) it provides subtitles in English. I was always one who never enjoyed having to multi-task while watching a movie. Another sign that will tell you this is scary is that Guillermo Del Toro was a part of it! This is the kind of movie you shouldn't watch in the dark or alone! It's funny that they released this movie just a few days after Christmas in 2007. It's about a woman who goes back to her old roots and has her worst nightmare come true involving a game she used to play as a child. Not only will this movie freak you out but give you the waterworks at the end.

So if you decide to watch one of my favorite horror flicks this Friday evening, make sure you're not holding the popcorn while watching it!

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