I stumbled upon a YouTube video of these sisters rocking out to Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' and was blown away! These young girls go by 'The Warning' and have already released their first original track on iTunes. They are still trying to get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and you can help by just sending a quick email.

After watching some videos of The Warning perform, you will see exactly why they need to be on The Ellen Show. These girls are incredibly talented, 14-year-old Daniela on guitar and lead vocals, 12-year-old Paulina on drums, and 9-year-old Alejandra on bass.

From Monterrey, Mexico, these girls are trying to make their dreams come true by getting their music out there. Ellen's show is a great platform to help get the girl's the recognition they deserve. All you have to do is send a quick email to Ellen and keep your fingers crossed.

This is something young kids need to see on mainstream media, instead of twerking. Young kids actually getting involved with playing an instrument and coming up with their own original music is something that keeps my heart happy, instead of the kids being stuck on their phones. I hope to see these girls become incredibly successful in the future, and maybe we can get them to play a KLAQ event!