If you want to avoid all the political hubbub until the election is over, you can now live under a rock and it will only cost you $5 per night. It’s in New Mexico and here’s an exterior shot of your accomodations:

Hotels.com is offering the chance to live in a man-made that’s 50 feet underground from November 2nd through November 7th. At the rate of $5 per night you might be thinking you’re getting just a bare cave with no amenities. That is not the case, as these photos show.


See? There’s furniture and what appears to be some form of power. It kind of looks like the interior of the Flintstone’s house but without all the prehistoric animals serving as household appliances. Here’s what looks like a hot-tub but minus the wooly mammoth shooting the water out of it’s trunk:


It looks like there’s a TV in the bedroom but it COULD just be a square carved out of the cave wall:


I certainly WOULDN’T count on it getting any 4G that far below ground so you really WILL be living like prehistoric Neanderthals (all they had was dial-up).

You can early-vote and then go subterranean until the election chaos is over (DISCLAIMER: there’s NO WAY it’s all going to be settled by November 7th.  In fact, you may emerge from your 5 days below ground to find a hellish, war-torn wasteland where a great nation once stood).

The reservation is for all of those five days but, still, that’s just 25 bucks. The Cave/Under a Rock reservation is on a first come/first serve basis. If you want it, you have to be the first person to book it at 7a.m. Mountain Time THIS Friday, October 9th by going here. But not until this Friday morning at 7.

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