Access to high speed internet is a necessity in the modern era, especially with quarantines and self-isolation in effect. But what if you don’t have access to Wifi or you access has been interrupted? Fortunately for El Pasoans the local YMCA is stepping up to the plate. They are offering free Wifi to all El Pasoans during this present crisis. You just need to go to specific YMCA parking lots and know the wifi password which I’m about to reveal.

Yes, you’ll need to access the free Wifi from the parking lot because all El Paso YMCAs are closed pursuant to the recent city, county and statewide orders.

Our friend Bill Coon who is the head of the Y in El Paso will be on the Morning Show Friday April 3rd at 9 am to give more details. In the meantime, these are the locations where you’re invited to come and use the free Wifi, while still observing social distancing protocols, of course.

  • The Westside Family YMCA at 7145 N. Mesa
  • The Bowling Family YMCA at 5509 Will Ruth
  • The Loya Family YMCA at 2044 Trawood.

Finally, the password to use for the free Wifi:


Thanks to the YMCA for finding ways to help our community even when they’re shut down!

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