Traffic in Downtown El Paso isn't exactly flowing at its smoothest these days and new construction could soon clog things up even more!

Construction on Weststar Tower has already begun. (Just what we need right, more construction Downtown??)  The building, once completed, will be El Paso's tallest and should be pretty impressive.  In the meantime, as construction starts to shift into a higher gear, things Downtown will continue to be messed up.  If not worse.

“Over the next 30 days, the public will start to see more activity above ground.  It’s an exciting time during the life of a landmark project like this,” said Jeff Cole, Project Executive for Moss, the general contractor on the project.  “We are hoping that interested parties will follow our progress online with construction ‘cam’.” - El Paso Herald Post

So, with regard to Downtown El Paso's construction woes, they're not going anywhere. Not anytime soon, anyway. For updates on the project, click here.  For a time-lapse video peek at things, click here!

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