One of El Paso's favorite dive bar/restaurant is getting some well-deserved publicity for their famous nachos. That I eat. Often. 

The Tap Bar and Restaurant in Downtown El Paso is one of the places I take out of owners whenever they get to visit the beautiful Sun City. This hidden gem is somewhere patrons go to eat, drink and lose track of time. From the dim lighting, the atmosphere and the fabulous sign in the front, the Tap is a place you can’t forget. One of my favorite stories I hear of The Tap is the time U2 came to El Paso and got to sit and enjoy delicious food and drinks, and no one in the restaurant knew who they were! Big time rock stars getting to be treated like normal people, something a lot of them wish for. The cooks at The Tap can whip up some of the best Mexican food in El Paso. From their burritos, torta de deshebrada, flautas and more, The Tap is always serving up hot, delicious, authentic Mexican food. And now, even the website Yahoo is acknowledging their amazing nachos!

Yahoo came up with a list of the 21 Best Nachos In America. They aren't numbered, but if they were, we all know The Tap would be #1 on their list. This is what Yahoo had to say about The Tap:

Not only is Tap Bar & Restaurant a glorious dive-bar paragon, replete with ‘90s memorabilia (and no jukebox, because that would be inauthentic), but it’s also got a ridiculous plate of nachos. They are made fresh in the bar’s kitchen, generously covered in white queso and spicy house-salsa, and are the ideal pairing for any of the $2 drafts they’ve got lined up.

The Tap is located at 408 East San Antonio Street in Downtown El Paso. Go check them out and have some of America's Best Nachos! You can see the rest of Yahoo's list here.

We will be at the bacon fest this Sunday!!!! World famous Nachos with some Bacon!!!! #bacon #nachosgonewild #thetap #thetaponwheels

Posted by The Tap Bar and Restaurant on Thursday, April 23, 2015