The X Games were held this past weekend and one racer in particular will never forget them.

Meghan Rutledge was on her way to a gold medal when she got a little to excited.  On one of the final jumps, Meghan raised her right arm for a celebratory fist pump.  Nothing unusual there, but she raised her throttle hand!  You see, when going long in a jump, the way racers keep the bike level is by staying on the throttle.  Meghan let go and, well .... watch for yourself!

It wasn't a total loss for poor Meghan though as she did manage to win the silver medal! Congrat's to Vicki Golden for taking .. unexpectedly .. the gold medal!  (This also resulted in a "three-peat" for Vicki!) Note to all you riders out there, hands on the bars, feet on the pegs and no celebrating until you're actually wearing the medal!!

By the way, Meghan wasn't the only one having issues this weekend.  Check out this collection of "oopses" from X Games 2013!



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