The news broke Sunday night that WWE has granted Sin Cara's request of release from the company. On November 11th, Sin Cara made a public request for the WWE to release him from his contract. In the statement posted to Twitter, Sin Cara cited his feeling of being "stuck" and of "no value" as reasons for wanting his release:

According to Sportskeeda, Sin Cara was asked by WWE to move to the 205 Live brand but he rejected the offer. Sin Cara wasn't the only wrestler that was granted his request for release this evening. Wrestlers Luke Harper (Johnathan Huber), and the Ascension's Konnor and Viktor (Ryan Parmeter and Erik Thompson) were released by the WWE today.  Harper had gone to Twitter to request his request from the company back in April. No word on where Sin Cara will end up, but judging from his work ethic, wrestling skill and lack of backstage drama, he will quickly be picked up by another wrestling company.

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