It's true ... that little jerk is sabotaging your efforts to look good!   If you want to stay beautiful ladies, put down the cell phone!

It may be hard to cut back on the text gossip, the bff heart to hearts and the "selfies" but your body will thank you!  (Not to mention those of us who are sick of the "duck face".)

Seriously, according to an article at, heavy cell phone usage can result in:

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

1)  Baggy eyes.  Those who feel they must always be "in touch" and keep their phone near them at night typically don't sleep as well as they need to.  Late night calls = dark circles!

2)  All that texting can get you more wrinkles and crows feet.  Especially if you have a small screen or font.  When you squint to read, you're speeding up the development of all those little wrinklys!  (Same for squinting to read in bright sunlight!  Check your facebook on a big screen in a dim room!)

3)  Bad skin.  Seems the average cell phone has 18 times more nasty bacteria and stuff than the handle on a public toilet.  And you're rubbing your phone against your face 100 times a day ... no wonder you're breaking out!! (Hint: Wipe the phone down once a day with an alcohol swab!)

Your 'lil buddy can also lead to sagging jaw lines and red eyes!  (Also, keep in mind that phone use while driving can lead to blunt trauma, bleeding, loss of limbs and/or death.)

All this on top of possible links between cell phone use and cancer/brain tumors! (Here's one quick tip for you: don't keep it in your bra or ... guys ... breast pocket!)

Cell phones were supposed to be a good thing.