This one I'm (almost) at a loss for words on.  The Secret Service is in charge of protecting our collective big-wigs.

I accept that. 

They need to be close to them at all times. 


Paying them rent in order to be close enough to them to protect them??  WTF??

I found this one at

First of all: If I was in his position, I'd have my security guys living IN my house, WITH me.  Not down the street or across the back yard. (I mean really .. how can you protect someone if you're not with them??)

That however, is not the WTF-ing point here.  Stay with me now .......

We (taxpayers) pay him (Biden) to be the VP.  (We pay alot .. if not all .. towards his expenses as well.)  We pay them (The Secret Service) to watch out for him.  (We pay alot .. if not all .. towards their expenses.) 

Now we (taxpayers) are paying him (Biden) for the privilige of having them (The Secret Service) there to earn the money that we (taxpayers) pay them. 

And Bidens' the guy overseeing the deficit committee in charge of  fixing our countrys current financial mess!?!?? 


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