Gentlemens Establishment owners and Exotic Dancers may want to read this!

A club in New York is trying to dodge over 100k in taxes by using the argument that table dances, lap dances etc should NOT be taxable because they are "artistic performances".

Why not just mark it on the tax form as "charitable college fund donations" or "contribution to single mother"?

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The State Tax Appeals Tribunal doesn't seem to be going for it though stating;

"In our view, there can be no serious question that — at a bare minimum — petitioner failed to meet its burden of establishing that the private dances offered at its club were choreographed performances," the Appellate Division court ruled. The four justices also found "no merit" to the club's constitutional claims.

The appellate court also noted that the club dancers are not required to have any formal dance training and that the anthropologist didn't see any of the dances done in private rooms

With some of the crap I see corporate America, poloticians, lots of rich people and even some welfare recepients getting away with, WT (today WT stands for "why the", not "what the") F not?

A few questions though...

Will large breasted dancers be taxed more than smaller ones?

Longer songs moreso than short ones?

Do import taxes apply on dancers of asian, mexican, russian, etc origin?

Will the same tax rate(s) apply to "less attractive" dancers? (IE the "day shift".)

If the club can't afford to pay the taxes; will they lose their "ass"?

(If a politician goes to a strip club on "business" using donated money, then gets to use that visit as a tax write off; would he in fact be getting paid to hang out in these clubs?) 

I can't say I would neccesarily disagree with this premise.  If they allow this here in El Paso and I was to do a remote at a "mens club" somewhere down along Alameda lets say, I could:

A) Write off the gas I use getting there.

B) Write off the taxes on the dances I get while I'm "working".

C) Claim mileage, depreciation, etc on my truck. (And possibly the dancer.)

This could become quite a boon to me come refund season next year!

I better get busy!