My semi-recurring WTF Wednesday feature is back.  This time with a BIG WTF??

The debating, arguing, posturing and ignoring continues in Washington.  Raise the debt ceiling, don't raise the debt ceiling. We're broke, we're not broke.  It goes on and on; as we're all painfully aware.

Now, it seems that Uncle Sam may be unable to meet certain obligations. Among them, social security checks. They may not go out.

Also, military payroll. They may not get paid.  Really?!?!  Yep, no money for those who fight so the rest of us can make money in a free country.  (So that the government can then take that money and waste, exhaust, misappropriate, and/or piss away all of it.)


My WTF is this.   Our elected officials it seems ARE going to be paid.  They are there to serve us. I realize they need to eat, but in a time of crisis can't the perks, the cars, the apartments, the office furniture allowances ... hell their salaries in some cases .. go away for a bit?  (Most of those people are fairly well off as it is.  If I was one of them I would give up all my "living allowances" and sleep in my office if I had to.)  If anyone has to do without while this is being "addressed", it should start with them!

Nearly half of all government checks may not go out according to

I really wonder if congressional (and other government officials) will see their checks in the half that doesn't make it.

Another potential cash source lies in campaign contributions.  Official figures state that "The Pres" has recently raised 86 million for his re-election campaign.  RECENTLY!!!!!!!  He's got more coming. (Read the article here at

According to obamas' campaign manager Jim Messina, Obama's campaign had previously announced it planned to raise $60 million in the month of June alone as it aims to raise at least $750 million for the president's re-election effort.

He's not done yet either.  According to the aforementioned article Messina also says:

"GOP outside spending for 2012 could be as much as $500 million."

If these idiots all really care about "service" .. about "providing for the country" .. about what's right for America; they can fix this.

500 million already. An additional (potential) 750 million on the way.  And we can't afford to care for our elderly?  We can't pay our soldiers?