Apparently Mayberry really does exist...

A suspect in Kouts Indiana managed ... while handcuffed ... to steal a police car.  A police car full of guns.  Loaded guns!!

I'm not sure what the funniest part of this story is.

A) The fact that there was only 1 cop on duty that night!? (Who does the poor guy get to have doughnuts with??)

B) The fact that a handcuffed suspect got the better of Barney Fife and stole his car.  (AND most of his guns!?!?)

C) The fact that "Otis" then had to use the cars radio to call for help getting out of the handcuffs.

Read the whole story at

I bet Andy Griffith hasn't been this mad since Opie and Aunt Bea started growing pot in the garden!

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