This weeks WTF Wednesday is brought to us by the only cool sport ... other than Motocross ... FOOTBALL!

First up, "No Sit Bulls**t"!! 


Seems theses days you can't have a good time anywhere!  It's "Sitting Room Only" in Cleveland where Bill Shakepeare was bounced for not sitting on his ass like all the other boring fans.  Read the whole story from 

It's not just the NFL that has to deal with WTF-ed up stuff, check this out. 


A kid in Arkansas is being penalized by his schools league.  He can play ...  they're not depriving him of that ... he just can't score.  It's not that he is incapable of it, he's just not ALLOWED TO!?!?  The kid is good, the other kids aren't as good so, to spare their delicate little psyches, Demias Jimerson cannot score more than 3 times in a game.  Seriously!  Read the whole article here from and/or check out the video below

Same rule does apply to the other players as well.  So ... if I fully understand this ... the intent is to keep one player from hurting the other teams self esteem by outscoring them.  (I thought outscoring the other guy was pretty much the most fundamental rule?!?!)  I guess noones feelings are hurt if they lose 100 to 0 by scores from all the players.  It's only if 1 guy scores a ton of points that it's to traumatic for the little losers. 


More fooz-ball funnies!!  That last one kinda aggravated me so let's end on a happier note!  STRIPPERS!! 


If the NFL is seeing a dip in ticket sales these days, maybe they could try incorporating this idea to get those figures "up"!!  Getting guys to go to things is sometimes difficult.  You toss in some strippers though and they're usually ALLLL for it!!  Read more at 

This story itself doesn't make me wonder WTF.  The fact that they are trying to stop it does!  You can't see in the bus so you can't offend anybody.  No pets were used or harmed by it so the ASPCA is cool with it.  C'mon, this is America .... it's all about free enterprise.  The President wants to create jobs, the NFL wants more people at the games; ta-da!!  There you go!

But they want to stop it ... WTF???????