I-10 was closed last night following an accident near the Redd Road and Artcraft area.

Last night, around 11pm, a driver heading east in the westbound lanes of I-10 struck an EPPD car. The video above, posted by our news partner KVIA, shows the damaged vehicle as well as its driver who is first shown being given a field sobriety test and then being arrested and placed into another EPPD unit.

I-10 was closed in both directions for quite a while as the accident was investigated and the roadway cleared. (I-10 west was closed at Redd Road and drivers on I-10 east had to exit at Artcraft.) According to an EPPD spokesperson, the officer appeared to be ok but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The driver who struck him declined medical treatment and was taken into custody.

This was one of 3 crashes involving police cars last night!!

As Texas begins to reopen, traffic volume has been increasing which ... of course ... means accident numbers are starting to climb too. That reduction in traffic, honestly, is the one thing about our recent pandemic that I will miss. Having fewer vehicles on the road was not only a nice break, it also resulted in lower pollution levels. Now that folks can move about freely again and/or get back to work, here come those traffic jams, accidents and construction delays again.

I wish there was a way that we could reopen Texas but, only allow "essential" drivers on the freeways and major thoroughfares ...

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