Flamin' Hot Cheetos are more than just a snack- for some, it's part of their identity. There are plenty of Flamin' Hot Cheetos merchandise out there, from a collaboration with fast fashion company Forever 21 and Cheetos merchandise for sale currently at Hot Topic, people are proud to rep their munchies memorabilia.

The love of Flamin' Hot Cheetos goes farther than just snacking on a bag or two, fans have come up with new and inventive ways to add the Hot Cheetos into other dishes. Some of the amazing recipes I've seen include the Flamin' Hot Cheetos wings, burritos, corn on the cob,  and even Cheetos got on the bandwagon releasing their own special edition Flamin' Hot Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese.

While most of these recipes sound like a spicy delight, there are some recipes that you see that make you wonder if they taste good. That's where I would put the Tipsy Bartender's recipe they posted on the Definitely Not Gourmet Facebook page.

The newest recipe is a Flamin' Hot Cheetos marshmallow treat and it seems pretty simple to make. The recipe includes butter, marshmallows, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos and are easy to make but the question is whether not the taste is worth the effort. After researching for this article, we should get together a full list of all the tasty recipes that people have made using Flamin' Hot Cheetos as the main ingredient.

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