Rumors have been swirling for months that actor Matthew McConnaughey may be running for Texas Governor and now there's more evidence he just might be.

Matthew McConaughey is known as a Hollywood A-lister and Oscar winner, but could he also be trying to add "Texas Governor" to his list of accomplishments? If you believe a new report from Politico, he wants to. The news outlet is reporting that McConaughey has made at least two phone calls to two prominent Texas political influencers, a "deep-pocketed moderate Republican and energy CEO." The calls reportedly dealt with his serious thoughts on throwing his hat into the Texas Governor competition.

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While some El Pasoans may have some serious doubt on whether or not Matthew McConaughey could be a good Governor for the Lone Star state, there are people that think he could. An April poll from the Dallas Morning News found that 45% of Texans said they would vote for McConaughey while only 33% said they would vote for the current Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Getting the El Paso vote could be easier for McConaughey also because of how positive he is seen in El Paso. He was photographed with El Paso's own Beto O'Rourke back in 2017 and he was in El Paso for Khalid's benefit concert for the El Paso Walmart shooting victims. Not to mention he's known as a pretty nice guy. But will "nice Texas guy" translate into a "successful Texas leader"? Only time will tell but if Matthew McConaughey decides to run for office in Texas I'm pretty sure people will feel "alright, alright, alright" about that.

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