Granted, this guy gets an "A" for effort in this prank but, is it ever really a good idea to trick someone into thinking their child's been killed?

A recent YouTube video shows a father tricking his wife into believing that her 3-year-old son has been killed. Way not funny, right? Hold on though, I think I smell a set-up here.

You see, Roman Atwood and his family have appeared on YouTube before in similar scenarios. In fact, they've done several including one where he "accidentally" tosses junior over a balcony. His girlfriend/baby-momma tells him at the end of that vid that he's "sleeping on the couch".

Following this prank, she tweeted that it was "nice to have the whole bed to herself." I guess that's supposed to suggest that Roman is, once again, on the couch. Real prank, or "prank" prank?

Your call!

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