A magical restaurant chain only found in Missouri and Alabama is catching some heat, for throwing some hot rolls at customers. Lambert's is actually known for throwing their signature rolls at customers who asks for them.

Signs and merchandise about Lambert's all proudly display their slogan "home of the throwed rolls." So there is no excuse for anyone to not know the possibility of being hit in the face by some hot and fluffy goodness.

There is always that one person who will find a way to complain about restaurant service and for Lambert's, it's going to be this 67-year-old woman who wants $35,000 from Lambert's Cafe in Sikeson, Mo. The reason why she is suing is because one of the rolls bopped the woman right in the eye and she said that allegedly caused a lacerated cornea.

Her attorney William Meehan says his client has filed suit after her insurance denied her claim. The incident happened last year as the woman was having lunch with her church group.

I guess she didn't understand what makes the restaurant so unique. A server comes out and yells out who wants a roll and then customers raise their hands to catch the lobbed rolls flying around the restaurant. Which you can see how it works in the video above. I have to find a way to try this place out!