I can't stand when people reach over and steal my food. Especially, when it's something I am addicted to, like fries. I wouldn't go as far as to stab someone for eating my food but this woman will cut you if you eat all the salsa.

Phyllis Jefferson, 50, was arrested Sunday evening by Akron Police for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend, Ronnie D. Buckner, 61, with a pen, because he ate all of the salsa in their house. The accused became so upset about the salsa consumption she started a huge argument with her husband.

During the argument, Jefferson allegedly stabbed her husband with a pen in the belly, then threatened to knock the television to the floor. Buckner managed to stop his wife from destroying the TV, but then she managed to grab a knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

Jefferson fled the scene, while Buckner called 911. Police managed to pull over Jefferson, who then admitted to stabbing her husband. She said she did it because she, "wanted to leave." She will be charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging in Summit County Jail.

Buckner was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.