No smarty pants, not men.  Nasty little critters the rest of us will do pretty much anything to avoid!
We're talking about bedbugs here peeps.  Nasty, dirty, biting, flesh eating, yucky little insects ... sort of like itty bitty zombies.

Biologist Regine Gries spent 5 years sleeping with these little bastards and suffered 85,000 bites learning how they communicate.  Her husband Gerhard, also a biologist ... and, presumably, a fan of separate bedrooms ... have actually discovered what attracts and what repels the creepy crawlies.

Histamines!  Bed bugs hate 'em so the Gries are trying to find a way to sell them commercially along with things they found the bugs like that can be used to lure them into tiny little traps.

No telling how long it will take to get something on the market so, for now, here are some other methods.