An Indiana State Trooper pulled a woman over for speeding, then accused her of using meth. See the weird reason why.

Stephanie Foltz of Otterbein, Ind., says she felt bullied after her routine traffic stop that turned into anything but routine. Foltz was coming home from her job when she was pulled over for speeding. She reached over to get her license and registration, but when she turned around to look at the officer that's when the questions got weird.

“As soon as I turned my head and started talking to him, that’s when he started asking me about prior drug use and if I had any prior drug charges on me. After that, it just kept going with the drugs."

While Indiana State Trooper Thomas Manning was checking her information, Foltz texted her husband who advised her to record the conversation on her smartphone. When the trooper returned, he asked her why she seemed anxious. She explained that stressful situations make her anxious, which prompted the trooper to ask yet again when did she start using meth.

When discussing the situation, Foltz says she felt she was being "bullied, judged, and discriminated against just based on appearance."

In the recording, the mother explains how during her pregnancy the child takes calcium from your body and the first place is from your teeth. The State Trooper replied telling her,

"I don't believe you...I’m not out here to try to get you. However, I do take it personally when people aren’t honest with me"

While investigating this claim, it was difficult to for me to find an exact study that said calcium for a fetus comes first from teeth and can rot them. But mothers may have their own stories of how to affected them, and those individual stories should be taken into account.

Stephanie Foutz has surprisingly not filed a formal complaint with the Indiana State Police for her treatment in the stop. Foutz said she doesn't want the trooper to be fired, but she said, "a simple apology would be nice."

The Indianan State Police released a statement to station WLFI regarding the incident,

"We encourage our officers to look beyond the traffic ticket for signs of criminal activity. This did not rise to the level of a rule violation, or a violation of law. A discussion has occurred with the Trooper on how to be more tactful when conducting a traffic investigation. We now consider the matter to be closed."