The woman who was fired for jumping into the monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo now has a new job.

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This story of the woman who jumped into the monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo has taken over the internet and it seems like everyone has an opinion. In case you've been under a rock the past few days, an El Paso woman was caught on camera hopping over a fence at the El Paso Zoo and wading her way into the spider monkey enclosure. While inside the monkeys' habitat, the woman proceeded to feed the animals Hot Cheetos before making her way back over the fence.

The video quickly went viral, with many national and international publications covering the story. While the stunt may have only been a few minutes, the idiotic moment has had lasting repercussions for Lucy Rae, the woman identified in the video.

Her employer, the Lovett Law Firm, issued a public statement saying she had been fired once her involvement in the stunt came to light. From there, the El Paso Zoo announced they would be pressing charges against her, not to mention the public's anger for her actions.

While many were upset and felt she deserved being let go from her job, another law firm came to her defense and offered her a new job. Mark Davis from the Mark Davis Law Firm released a statement bashing the Lovett Law Firm for letting Rae go. The statement went on to say his law firm had hired Lucy Rae:

It seems like the monkey-gate or Cheeto-gate, whatever you'd like to call it, is going to continue on. Your move El Paso Zoo and Lovett Law.

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