Two heroic El Paso Customs officers, Maria Rodriguez and Eduardo Gonzalez, delivered a baby on Thanksgiving Day after a young woman went into labor while crossing into the United States.

The young, 17-year-old mother-to-be knew her baby boy just couldn't wait any longer when her water broke at 5 a.m on the Paso Del Norte bridge.  Although the baby was due in February, the young girl said she could feel the baby's head and the officers noticed blood on her sweat pants. Both officers jumped into action to help the young woman.

Just as Officer Gonzalez pulled off the pants of the woman, her water broke. Both officers assisted with the very short delivery and moments later, the mother held her baby, two months earlier than planned. Officer Gonzalez tied off the umbilical cord with a string from the woman's pants until medics arrived. The mother and her baby boy are doing well thanks to the quick response of officers Rodriguez and Gonzalez.

Now one thing I am proud to say is that man Eduardo Gonzalez is my father and Maria Rodriguez is a good friend of the family! They really kept it together to help the young girl and bring a baby boy into this world! After my dad was spreading his story around feeling so proud, I've been thinking he may deliver my next kid! If you missed out on the story check out this clip from KVIA.