I've seen enough "Final Destination" movies to know that when someone has a meltdown before a flight, you should worry! But it looks like not many took it too seriously when this woman on a Texas to Florida flight had a meltdown before takeoff.

In a video posted on TikTok, Juan Franqui, known as @knuckleslawncare, shared the moment a passenger walked up the aisle of the plane to get off before taking off. As she left, of course, she proclaimed the reason why she was voluntarily leaving.

Caution: the video is NSFW.

I think my favorite part has got to be when everyone turns around to see what she's pointing at!

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Unfortunately, no one seems to have gotten footage of the not-real-passenger, even after I found a video that showed different angles.

After a few laughs at the expense of the passenger, and someone telling her "bye", no one seems to be following her.

According to the original poster, the woman's claim of the not-real-passenger caused the flight to be delayed by three hours; passengers were forced to to get off the plane and then reboard.

There really isn't much of an update, although the original poster did say that the woman was not arrested- which makes sense, she didn't really do anything wrong, and at least she didn't need to be restrained by duct tape! But some theories floating around the interwebs say that the woman was spooked by what she claimed was a "shapeshifter".

Many in the comments say they would have followed her off the plane, especially those who have seen "Final Destination". But it looks like the flight safely departed and landed at its rightful destination- so maybe the shapeshifter didn't disrupt that.

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