An insane video out of Houston shows a woman clinging to the hood of a car after a couple tried to steal a puppy. A pet store worker in Houston is being called a hero after she clung to the hood of a speeding car to try and save a stolen puppy. According to KPRC News in Houston, Alize James works at BullyKamp, a pet shop in Houston and back in November an average day at work turned out to be anything but that. A couple came into the store and were looking at various puppies they had for sale, and decided they wanted to purchase a 7-month-old bully puppy worth a whopping $10,000. Alize James left the room for a moment to grab the necessary paperwork when all of a sudden, the couple hurried out of the store and towards their car with the dog still in their possession.

While most would call the police and hope they would be able to find the thieves, Alize rushed after the couple and tried to physically stop them from leaving the parking lot. The puppy had recently undergone surgery and couldn't be without its medication so she knew she would have to stop them from taking the dog. Shockingly, instead of giving the dog up, the couple started driving foward, which pushed Alize James onto the hood of the vehicle while it started heading into traffic. A passerby caught the shocking moment on camera, where you see James clinging to the hood of the car while the vehicle weaves in and out of traffic.

For ten minutes, Alize James clung to the hood while the man kept driving until he finally pulled over into a parking lot. From there, he grabbed James and started punching her while his female accomplice proceeded to scratch her and break her necklace, according to the Star-Telegram. Sadly, the couple did get away with the puppy but police were able to locate them through a telephone number they gave James back when they were pretending to buy the puppy at BullyKamp. The woman has been arrested and police are now looking for the man and the 7-month-old puppy.

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