Another winter storm is hitting El Paso as we speak, bringing snow and, later, icy and slick roads as well as different hours for schools and businesses.

At the moment, 6:00pm MST, (2/11/20), Trans Mountain, Scenic Drive and the Anthony Gap are open. Sand trucks are currently heading up Trans Mountain. That could change at ANY moment though so, please keep checking all the various news and information sites. Click here to check a specific roadway.

If you can avoid being out in this mess, please do. If you have to drive, be careful. Allow extra distance between vehicles, be aware of icy road conditions ... especially on bridges as they ice over first ...  and most importantly of all, SLOW DOWN!

As far as area schools and businesses, many have already announced closures and delayed start times for tomorrow. (2/12/20).  For example, according to the El Paso Herald Post, all cases set to be heard this evening in El Paso Municipal Courts have been canceled.  Tomorrow, 2/12/20, EPISD and SISD classes will be starting 2 hours later than usual.

See a TON of other schedule changes here.  This will pass soon folks, just be cool, patient, calm and ... again ... slow down.

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