People get scammed constantly, all over the USA. Victims in El Paso, and across Texas, most likely fell for one of these.

While there are many tricks to fall for, when it comes to Texans, these seem to be the 5 most common ways we "get, got".

A Dallas based Law Firm came up with this list of schemes by which Texans are most likely to be swindled.

They say there a "Million Ways To Die In The West ... there are millions of ways to get ripped off too.

Some of these can be really crafty and even the savviest Texan could slip up and get snagged in one of these webs.

The acronym KISS, (Keep It Simple Stupid), works really well for crooks though. A fast talker and a gullible or inattentive victim are really all that are required for these.

4 of the top 5 fall under the heading "Phone Scams". These are callers who want money for a variety of reasons.

Some say you owe the IRS, a "service" is about to be cut off, a relative needs bail money, you owe on a warrant, etc.

Others involve charities in dire need, "investment firms" with super deals, "banks" offering special accounts with high interest rates or crazy sign on bonuses, etc, etc...

Tickets - The one most likely to get us rockers.

In a ticket selling scam, a scammer will entice a victim into handing over their money using a ticket to an event. This kind of scam is especially common when an event is sold out. Victims of a ticket selling scam may show up to an event only to find out that the ticket they purchased is fake, or may never receive a ticket from the fake buyer at all. -

That one should carry an extra heavy penalty. Paying 3X or 4X value to see your favorite band is harsh enough.

Finding out it's a bogus ticket on top of that is life sentence material ... minimum.

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