This has nothing to do with basketball and EVERYTHING to do with celebrity nudity. The website is offering a million dollars to anyone who can fill out a perfect bracket. The bracket matches up 64 female celebrities who have NEVER done a full nude scene. Did you even KNOW there were 64 female celebrities who haven’t done full nude scenes?! I didn’t!

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Mr. Skin himself, an old friend of the Buzz Adams Morning Show, will join us on the air tomorrow at 6:20 am Mountain Time to answer all our questions and tell us all the rules. It doesn’t look like there is any fee to enter the contest and the million dollars will ONLY pay out if someone has a 100% correct bracket. If no one wins the million bucks the five entries with the MOST correct will each win a lifetime membership to

So, what kind of actors are we talking about that have NEVER gone nude in a movie. The promotional video teases high seeds such as Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks, Kristen Bell and Kate Upton. Speaking of things that “tease seeds” Megan Fox has never done a nude scene?? What? How is that even POSSIBLE? Finding out Megan Fox has never done a nude scene is like finding out Snoop Dogg has never tried edibles. Sure, it’s just an assumption but it really SEEMS like something they would’ve done.

We’ll have to wait for all the rules when we talk to Mr. Skin. I would go online and read them but our company’s web filter is apparently set to “Puritan” mode.


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