If your team didn't make the Super Bowl, that means you must root for one of the teams that made it! Yesterday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots was intense. There were a lot of memes going around that were about yesterdays games. One I found extremely funny was of a map of the United States with most of the states rooting for the Chiefs over the Patriots. I wish the Patriots would let another team win for once but what can you do. I was actually rooting for the Patriots to win due to personal reasons. Now that we know which two teams are making it to the Super Bowl, it's time to decide who to root for. This is where I am having a difficult time because I am stuck between the two for my own reasons. I would like to root for the Los Angeles Rams since I am tired of the New England Patriots winning all the damn time. The reason I don't want the Rams to win is that they will start calling Los Angeles their house. Being a Los Angeles Chargers fan I would hate for the Rams to declare Los Angeles as their house!

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