This is by far, one of the craziest stories to ever involve the state of Arizona & the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in history. Since 1936, the Wienermobile has been...well the most famous food shaped car in the world. It's visited many states in the country & most of the time it's met with fondness, including Arizona. But in Tuscon, Arizona, the Wienermobile was pulled over by police because it was reported as STOLEN.

When was the Wienermobile stolen in Arizona?

In June 2007, when driving through Tuscon on I-10, an unmarked police officer noticed the giant wiener in traffic and after running a check on his car's computer, the results came back as "stolen". So, the officer doing his job of course, pulled over the giant yellow & orange machine. Which might have looked something similar to THIS.

When the officer called a police department in Columbia, Missouri, it turns out that the VANITY plates (that read Y-U-M-M-Y) were from Wisconsin and were reported stolen back in February. Not the Wienermobile itself.

After the officer took a few snapshots of the vehicle, he let them go, and of course the story ended there...or at least it would've if it didn't become a NATIONAL sensation being covered all over the news shortly after it happened, like on FOX News.

The Wienermobile would face another incident while on its way to Arizona in 2023

The Wienermobile was originally set to make an appearance at Super Bowl LVII (which was held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but it wouldn't make it. In Las Vegas, just a few days before the Super Bowl, thieves would steal its catalytic converter. (What is with it with people stealing car parts, especially from a giant Wiener??)

Thankfully, however, the Wienermobile has seen many more positive experiences while in Arizona. But these two stories will be reminders that, maybe, whoever is driving the big car through Arizona, just be a little extra careful to be safe. You never know if the police are watching out for any suspicious wieners out on the road...

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