There's a new trend going viral on Tik Tok called "Eat The Rich." Here's what it means and why we should support the fledgling movement.

You may have seen #EatTheRich trending on social media, especially on Tik Tok and been a little confused as to why an 18th-century phrase by Jean-Jacques Rousseau all of a sudden has become popular again. You can thank Tik Tok user Gina Bologna (@iamproudofus) who started the trend after seeing the way Wall Street millionaires began to panic after the GameStop stock market fiasco.

She posted on her Tik Tok explaining how she used to work in marketing and was aware of how much money celebrities like Kylie Jenner get paid for their sponsored posts on their social media pages. Gina then proposed the idea that the little people "Eat The Rich" by unfollowing the ultrarich celebrities, thus making their follower counts go lower.

Clearly, the idea was well received and the video on Tik Tok now has over 182,000 views on the site and the hashtag is now trending. Users have also responded by posting videos of themselves unfollowing celebrities on various social media pages and embracing the movement. Gina followed up her original video after users started asking her exactly how much money these celebrities are taking home for a single sponsored ad on Instagram, Tik Tok, and other social media sites.

No word on how successful the young woman's campaign is but if we all took the time to unfollow a celebrity or two, the difference could possibly be seen. Unless you decide to go ahead and follow them again. Read more about the "Eat The Rich" Tik Tok movement on the MSN website.

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