Saturday night, The Rockhouse goes full-tilt, groove - punk - metal. You should go!!

El Paso's very own Pissing Razors will perform Saturday night at The Rockhouse, 9828 Montana. Get ticket info here.  They will be debuting new material, the new album, new merch and signing it all for you too!!  These guys have been around the world a number of times and seen crowds of all shapes and sizes. Saturday night, I'd love to see the biggest, most frantic and raging crowd ever. They deserve that. They've earned that.  Here's why...

You see, back in the day, there weren't that many live music venues in El Paso and the ones we did have frowned on original bands.  There were a couple, sure ... Sasos, Scorpios, etc... but, that was it and even they were leaning more toward cover bands than originals.  Enter the Pissing Razors.

The Garcia brothers, Danny and Eddy, frustrated by the lack of love and support for original acts, sold everything they had. Their cars, motorcycles, equipment, whatever they could spare to open their own club. "The Attic" was downtown, on Texas street and quickly became El Paso's answer to legendary clubs like CBGB's on the East Coast and The Whiskey on the West Coast. They sat smack in the middle of them and rocked just as hard...if not harder.  They destroyed the barrier between original acts and suitable venues/crowds here at home and welcomed non-native original bands as they traveled from coast to coast. Always, showing the most love and respect to their  Borderland Brothers. Their success opened other clubs eyes, pretty much forcing them to embrace this "brave new world" and to encourage freedom of expression for both bands and crowds during the shows.

The Razors have been through some membership changes and The Attic, sadly, couldn't stay alive in the newly, more competitive world it helped to create.  It eventually closed, perhaps the saddest day for El Paso's local bands ever. Pissing Razors live on though and they're still showing others, all over the world how it's done. "Chuco Style". If you're in a band, or love going to see live bands in true, rock n roll environments .... not backyard parties, or gatherings at the Moose Lodge, etc...El Chuco and Cruces are good places to be. And we owe it all to Danny, Eddy and the Pissing Razors.

They fought for things we take for granted and put everything they had at risk to do it. We owe them a thank you....go deliver yours in person Saturday night!!

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