We love talking about TV and movies on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Especially when it's a new project that's in the works. The one thing you have to do is not take what Buzz says seriously because he has a track record of being wrong. This came up today when we talked about a Robocop prequel. I understand his original feelings about the project. Robocop with no Robo? That's just a cop show. I'm not saying he is going to be wrong about this, but let's take a look at a few examples of movies or TV shows he's been wrong about.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy - I remember talking to him about this before I was even on the show. He's whole thought process was, "These are third rate characters that aren't even worth a TV show, and they're getting their own movie?" After the fact, he enjoyed the movie.
  • Ant-Man - Yet another one where he was complaining about how 'small' the character was. Pun intended. In the end, he ended up enjoying the movie.
  • The Boys - He was pretty opposed to this show back when it first came out. Now he loves it and can't stop talking about it. He didn't have any specific complaints about this one beforehand. He just thought he wouldn't like it, and was very vocal about that.
  • The Mandalorian - This is the big one. He was adamant this show was going to be terrible. His thought process was, "Why am I going to watch a TV show about a Mandalorian that isn't Boba Fett?" Well, we all know how this one played out. He can't wait for season two to premiere.

Should you take his advice when it comes to shows that are already out? Sure. If you have tastes that generally align with Buzz's, chances are you might agree. This is about projects that are being discussed or in the works and him poo-pooing before they are released. He did the same thing with Gotham and Agent Carter. While I understand the early frustration with Gotham, his thought process is very limiting. "It's a Batman show with no Batman" or "It's a superhero show with no superhero." Gotham was actually about the villains and the Gotham that created Batman. Agent Carter was a spy/mystery show. Both shows were great on their own merits.

Don't forget, he's also admitted that he doesn't get excited when a project gets announced and it's going to be an all-female cast or a female lead. Some examples?

  • Thor: Love and Thunder - Natalie Portman's character Jane Foster takes over as Thor. Buzz doesn't like this and has constantly poo-pooed it. He keeps forgetting though. Taika Waititi is directing and he is AWESOME!
  • The female-focused Star Wars show in the works - He doesn't like this idea either. He claims he doesn't want to sound like an incel that hates women, but he sure does have a problem when a project is announced it's going to focus on women.

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