A new actor is rumored to be joining the fifth and final season of Amazon Prime Video's dark superhero show, "The Boys"- and he's my other favorite Winchester!

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San Antonio native Jared Padalecki, who starred in shows like "Gilmore Girls" and most famously played Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" is going to have some free time now that "Walker: Texas Ranger" is ending- and Eric Kripke, showrunner to both "Supernatural" and "The Boys",  thinks that Padalecki would make a great addition to the final season of "The Boys".

In an interview with Variety last month, Kripke said:

I feel like I have to complete my game of ‘Supernatural’ Pokémon and I have my one big one — very big one — left to catch.

Referring to Padalecki as a Pokemon sounds pretty cute; but also very accurate. Kripke has been adding some familiar faces from "Supernatural" onto "The Boys" as seaons have gone by; Jensen Ackles- who plays Padalecki's brother in "Supernatural"- made his "The Boys" debut last season as Soldier Boy. This season, Jeffrey Dean Morgan- the actor who played Sam and Dean's father John Winchester — who plays CIA case officer Joe Kessler in this season.

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And not to be forgotten, Jim Beaver, who portrays Bobby Singer "Supernatural" is in "The Boys" as U.S. Secretary of Defense and presidential candidate Robert A. Singer- surely a reference to Beaver's longtime character.

Would Padalecki event want to be in "The Boys"? Of course he does! In an interview Padalecki said:

I don’t think [Season 5] films until next year, but I will be ready when he makes the phone call. I’ll just say ‘Okay, when am I flying out?'

So far, all signs are pointing to this actually happening. It's the "Supernatural" reunion we've been waiting for!

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